PhpStorm captures mouse, prevents Synergy switching monitors

I'm using PhpStorm 3.0 and Synergy 1.3.8. As long as a PhpStorm window is in the foreground, I can't move my mouse off the screen to the next screen connected with Synergy. If I bring some other application to the foreground, the problem is resolved.

The mouse doesn't actually have to be within a PhpStorm window to be captured; PhpStorm just has to be the foreground window.

I realize this is quite likely not a PhpStorm bug, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered it and has ideas or a better workaround then "click some other application, then switch windows"...


I've experience the mouse capture issue with Synergy before.  It usually happens if the forground application has been launched with admin elevation on Windows Vista or 7 (ie. when the app was launched you received the UAC prompt).  I am not presented the UAC prompt when launching PHPStorm, so I know the default behavior of PHPStorm is non-elevated mode, though.


Thanks. The problem has gone away, and is very repeatable with any application that's running with escalated privileged. I'm pretty sure I must have been running PhpStorm as administrator for some reason.


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