phpStorm Doesn't Change My Local Files

My set up is:

Mac Computer
phpStorm 3.0.2
MAMP (PHP 5.3.2)

I started a project from remote files on a server. PhpStorm downloaded the files into a directory in MAMP's htdocs folder. I set the options to upload changed files automatically to the default server.

When I make a change in my project files and save them the changes occur on the remote server but the local files do not change.

When I go outside of phpStorm and examine the local files inside MAMP those files are not changed to what phpStorm is showing.

What am I missing?

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Hi Joe,

If you click some of the files in Project view, open the context menu and click 'Show in Finder', will Finder show you correct file (that is inside MAMP/htdocs)?


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Hi Kirill,

Yes indeed it does. It may have been a restart that cleared this up or perhaps there are different issues unrelated to phpStorm.

I am going to do more investigation and will make a note back here what my discovery is.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's always confusing when you are going through a learning curve with new software and things don't appear to work the way they should. You always wonder if the problem is your understanding of something or if the tool you are using might be the issue.

UPDATE: Upon further testing I have discovered that my localmachine version of the site is not working the same as the remote server.

I am using MAMP with Mac OS Lion and editing a template. The changes to my CSS files on the remote server version effect changes in the template theme but they do not effect change on my localmachine MAMP version. This is very confusing. If anyone is using MAMP with a Mac, can you tell me if you are experiencing problems like this?


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