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This morning I uninstalled my version WebStorm 2.1 without deleting my settings, and I reinstalled the 3.0.2.

At first run I found back all my settings. Great !

Later I wanted to use the contextual menu "Find Usage" feature, but it was grayed out.
When I tried to use it anyway a yellow message came at the bottom of the WebStorm window:
"Find Usages... action is not available while WebStorm is updating indices"

What are those indices, is it normal that hours later I'm still unable to use the feature ?

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Hi Jacques,

WebStorm needs to parse/index your project files in order to provide most of it's functionality (which includes "Find Usages").

"is it normal that hours later " -- no, unless you have really HUGE project.

Please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." You may also want to disable any 3rd party plugins (that are not bundled with WebStorm by default) in case of incompatibility (until you upgrade plugin to the latest compatible version).

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Hi Andriy,

Good answer, thanks  :)

I did a "File / invalidate / Invalidate and restart".

WebStorm closed and when it restart I saw an indexing process running in status bar.
After this process, "Find Usage" was available.

Thanks again,  :D

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It seems that I have a related problem: Navigate -> Call hierarchy shows only callees, not callers. Scope is 'All'. And when I try to find function's usages I get the "No usages found in Current File"-message.

I had v2.1.4 and installed v3.0.2 on top of the old version (WinXP in use). I invalidated caches and they were rebuilt, but the problem remains.

Any suggestions? Or did I misunderstand something?

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