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I started a discussion in
but it appears no one is tracking this, so I'm starting a new thread.

In short, when I debug using xdebug, the debugger only breaks when I set "Break at the first line"

If I set breakpoints in code, they are always ignored.

In the previous thread, it was suggested that the problem lay in my path mappings, and a screen shot of my mappings was requested.

Here is the screen shot again:

I access the source files in PhpStorm by using ExpanDrive to mount the remote system as an external drive on my Mac.  The remote system is 'Pion'.
The absolute paths of the source as far as the web server is concerned start out "/www/j/joe1..." and since this is how I have the path mappings set up,
I thought everything was set up correctly, but breakpoints refuse to work.

Having just paid for the licensed version of PhpStorm, I'd really like to get this working, since the debugger isn't very useful without breakpoints.

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You better refresh/bump that thread instead of creating new one.


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