Design Pattern and PhpStorm


In Berlin there is a very active user group Php.

In one of the last meeting we talked about PHP Editors.
The clear winner was 'PhpStorm'.    :-)

At yesterday's meeting of user group was the 'Dependency Injection Container' spoken.
We think that all currently available editors have a problem.
The objects of the container are not supported by the editor.

There are a series of projects which in practice can't be used

as support for 'design pattern' in the editor does not exist.

Is there support in the near future in 'PhpStorm' for 'design pattern'?

Sorry for my bad English.

Yours sincerely,


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I second it but do not see an easy way to have a code completion for something that is described in an xml file. We at work use use DI from the Symfony 2 and it works pretty well for us. When we grab a service first thing we do is tag it:
/** @var $em \Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager */.  That makes a difference.


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