How to close a file without save

In looking thru all the help and this forum it seems there is no way to close a file that has been changed without saving.

So if you need to NOT save changes to a file, what is the process for doing that?

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Hi Ed,

Either Undo changes one by one (Edit | Undo) if there are not many changes ... or just revert to the previously saved file at once using Local History (VCS | Local History .. or just right click in editor and choose Local History).

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I thought that might be the answer.

The big problem is that we often need to open compressed XML files, reformat the code to see the values, but not save it.

I tried that yesterday and the restore local history just hung, waited almost 10 minutes for the file to come up in the local history window and finally had to kill WebStorm.

So looks like its back to another editor to do that kind of task.

It is VERY poor design to not at least give the user a way to select to close the file without save and very arrogant of the developers to think that their philosophy of always forcing a save being the only way to go. Editors should work with you in how you need to use them, not force you to do things ONLY their way.


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