Updating from 3.0 to 3.0.1

Hello Friends

I am new to WebStorm and only recently purchased it through the recommendation of a friend.

I was on WebStorm 3.0, then I got an Update notification about 3.0.1 .. so I said OK, let's update. Downloaded the 3.0.1 and installed it.

But now I have two versions installed !! My initial thought was " What the hell ! " ... surely the installer should have removed previous versions and installed the new one (that is the case with every other program on my PC).

Can someone advice on what I should do ? Would it be safe to uninstall version 3.0 manually ? And why does it not get done automatically ?

Looking forward to an informative reply.

Thank You.


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Thank You Andriy.

I agree with Jon B of the linked thread, current process sucks :|

I'll go and uninstall the other one then.

Thank You, and apologies for creating a new thread.



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