Creating multiple projects from a single SVN?

I have a single SVN repository that has branches for numerous sites, as well as some shared resources, and I am trying to find the best way to create projects based on this SVN repository, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Currently, I have a single project pointed to the main entry point of the repository, but that is less efficient since it loads a lot of extra content every time I update that I don't work on. I would like to create several seperate projects from the existing SVN but I can't figure out how to create these projects based on existing content, that I can continue synching. When I use Check out from Version Control to add the contents of an SVN folder to a project, the project doesn't get the SVN settings. Am I supposed to manually add the settings to the project afterward? This seems like the only way to do it, but then run the risk of selecting the wrong folder and screwing up the repository.

Second, there is a repository folder that contains shared libraries that are used by every site I work on. Once I create the different projects, is there a way to specify that the project for the shared libraries is in the path for the individual site projects so PHPStorm can see that they are related?

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