How to use watches right?

I'm maintaining a big ugly PHP-project, much giant classes with all public vars and stuff...

I wanted to add a few deep member variables of a class to the watchlist.

First I tried to use a $this ref in the watch, which broke when I left the method of the class:


Then I got me a reference tree from a global object. I thought it's an absolut reference to the value, so it should be the same everywhere:


Which worked but only till I left the request, when I entered a new request they showd just "error"

How could this feature possible help me, if it doesn't keep track of the variables I want?!

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Hello Kay,

Sorry for delay. Watches can show you the value of any php expression which is valid at the current execution point. If you want access a global variable you can address it using $GLOBALS array.

Thank you for feedback!


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