PHPStorm becomes unresponsive after loss of connectivity if upload processes are running...

I have been seeing this problem since 2.xx releases and I guess it was never resolved.

Or maybe its just me?

When you are working on a project and upload to your FTP site it opens up a process queue, if there is no connection at the moment then all heck beaks loose as the processes keep queueing up. Since I'm on a spotty wifi area, I often loose my internet and don't realize it. So when I get my internet back I am unable to keep working in PHPStorm because I can't upload to my FTP anymore and am forced to quit the application and reopen it.

I can continue to work on my project, but when I say perform a permission change on an FTP folder while I have lost my connection the little diolauge box that has the progress of opening up the actual permissions box stay open and is persistant. So from that point the entire PHPStorm application is unusable! I can access the menus from the top but nothing within PHPStorm.

Has anyone had this issue  and found a stable work arount?

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Do you use auto upload or hand-driven upload? By design when lost connction, you should get messages like "Failed to ... file '...'", and then "Upload to
completed, * files transferred". Then action is finished, and there should be no background actions. Does that action takes forever?  
When you perform permission change while you lost connection, does dialog ignore both OK and Cancel?

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I use hand-driven uploads. I right click and choose Upload to...

when I perform the upload action i see it at the bottom signaling that there is a tranaction being done. Sometimes when the connection to the remote ftp becomes laggy then PHPStorm will take an unlimted amount of time stuck on that transaction.

Recently when I tried to change file persmission of a file and the dialog box appeared my connection dropped making the dialog box become permanent and letting me press OK or Cancel, it also took over focus of PHPStorm and wouln't let me click on anything else other than the menus (file, edit, etc.)

I have seen instances where if the connection is dropped then the upload process will timeout and exit out, but 8 out of 10 times I would need to quit PHPStorm and reopen for me to be able to continue uploading to my remote ftp since the queue transaction won't timeout.

I can probably reproduce all these events and take a screencast of it when I have time.

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Looks like non-cancellable upload is this bug, but problem with file permission dialog looks very strange. Do you get any info in log?
Screencast would be very useful.


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