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I'm currently evaluating Webstorm under Mac Lion. I am using the Dojo framework, I have downloaded the Dojo Library and when I take an existing project I find that my code is littered with warnings where the error is related to unused property.

In this example code: dojo.byId('loadingOverlay'), {
 display: 'block',
 opacity: 1

opacity is listed as unused.

For this one:

//create the TabContainer
                             var contentTabs = new dijit.layout.TabContainer({
                                 region: "center",
                                 id: "contentTabs",
                                 tabPosition: "bottom",
                                 "class": "centerPanel"
                                        //href: "contentCenter.html"

tabPosition is listed as unused.

For this one:

//create an accordion container
              var aContainer = new dijit.layout.AccordionContainer({
                                 region: "left",
                                 id: "leftCol",
                                 "class": "edgePanel",
                                 style: "height: 100%",
                                 splitter: true

spliter is listed as unused, and so it goes on.

Why am I getting these warnings, is this a bug?

I have spent more time trying to get this product to work with Dojo then I have coding, this is very frustrating.

Many thanks.

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This is inspection which check property name to be referenced somewhere.
For example, you can get such message if you does not have dojo sources in your project.
You can switch off this validation in settings of 'Unused global JavaScript symbols' inspection


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