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I have already sent support for Phpstorm and email about this and figured I would also post it here to see what everyone else thinks about this idea. Netbeans has a great code tree (they call it Navigator) for both css and php files where you can quickly select the element on the page by the code tree (or as Phpstorm calls it "Structure" from within Phpstorm). As you can see from the attached images that within a css file it has the option to break down the page into classes, id's and @'s which is great for working with responsive web layouts and qucikly going right to the selector on the page. For php pages you can see it also has the option to break the page (or Structure window i should say) into specific elements on the page. All this makes for a truly great work flow experience!

I have converted from Netbeans to Phpstorm and I love the program but miss the Netbeans code tree (Navigator). Let me know what you think and maybe show some support for a feature that may be added in the future of Phpstorm. Would also make for a great plugin idea for someone also. Thanks.

David Labbe

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 7.43.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 7.43.25 AM.png

Unless I miss understood something about your post, it already exists in the Structure tab.
On my 3.0 version there is an HTML and PHP tab in a mixed file context. It also works in a CSS file. It just has to be open.

It also shows CSS when <style> is used.
It can scroll to sorce if that option is selected. (See the blue block selected in my screnshot)

Or is it the CSS categorization that you are referring to Classes, IDs, Elements?


thanks for the reply. I know about what you are saying but it is not what i mean. Take a look at my screen shots and you will see how it is broken down into sections..classes...ids so on and so forth. Look closely and you will see how media queries are filtered also...big help for working with media queries that are becoming more popular as you often need to quicky at a property here and there.
again thanks for the reply and hope this cleares up the diffrence in what a was looking for.


Thanks. Does this mean is will be added maybe at some point in up coming versions? if so then whcih version and time frame? Thanks again for your help.


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