Possible to select XML node using "Structure"?

The "Structure" panel displays the structure of XML document. However, I can't find a way to easy manipulate the document, especially to select the node content in editor. The only way to select is to go to editor and drag the selection using mouse, which is not so fast for large document. I was looking for something like "Select in editor" under the contextual menu in Structure panel, but there is only "Jump to source" but it does not select anything.


After jumping to tag use "Edit|Select word at caret" *several times* to expand selection by syntactically hierarchical blocks in editor. Just try it in the middle of xml.

"Unselect" allows you to contract the selection.


Exactly. Thanks for fast answer!
In the meantime I used a method to click on the "-" sign to the left of the tag (on the vertical bar) to contract it and then it was possible to easily select the whole tag and e.g. delete or replace it.


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