Launch Chrome as Debug Browser with a parameter

Hello everybody.

I'm developing an JavaScript Application with SenchaTouch 2 which should be wrapped later with PhoneGap to a Native looking application.
As i'm using some regular ajax request which are accessing a remote backend i have to disable the same origin policy in Chrome.
This is done by starting chrome.exe with the parameter --disable-web-security .
However debugging in WebStorm only works if i let chrome launch by WebStorm itself.
The problem is now, that i did not figured out, how to pass a parameter in the Settings for the Chrome Browser as Debugging Environment.

How can i do that?

Some notices:
- I have to use Chrome, as Sencha Touch only works with WebKit browsers.
- I cannot use JsonP, as the backend does not support it
- The same origin policy is not a problem in the final environment (PhoneGap wrapped)

I appreciate your help.

Greets Christian.

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currently it isn't possible to specify additional parameters for web browsers in WebStorm. To workaround the problem you can create a bat script like this:
chrome.exe --disable-web-security %*
Then specify path to the script in Settings | Web Browsers | Chrome.

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nice, that works!
thank you :)


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