PhpStorm - Synchronising with server

I've reported this as a bug but I'm not sure if there is something I have done that casued it.  I am trying to synchronise the local version of our website with the live (remote) version, the synchronise process works (slowly) but the two arrow type buttons to synchronise all or one file is not shewn, any thoughts as to how to enable them, I have the same version (3) or PhpStorm installed at home and it works.

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Hi Jonathan,

If it works at home -- maybe it is a settings issue (project or IDE-wide). Have you tried exporting your IDE settings from home PC and importing it at work ("File | Export Settings..." and "File | Import Settings..." accordingly)? Obviously, better make a backup of your original settings (and delete them (settings)) before doing this (so you will not have a mix of both, if that is possible).


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