Improve performance for project with source files on remote disk

Hello! I have a problem with performance when source files located on remote disk. I work with big project that contain many files on remote disk and IDE very slow indexing and syncronize. Have any solutions to increase performance ?

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Hi Anton,

This is why it is highly not recommended to have your source files on remote/network disk as IDEA platform relays on almost instant (very low latency) access to project files. It works OK most of the time, but on some situations it leads to weird behaviour like serious lags during code completing or even just editing files etc. Devs have stated many times that they will treat such reports with very low priority (if at all).

Instead you should have local copy of your project and setup Deployment to copy all changed files automatically to a network location on Save. Deployment can also be configured to do the same with any other changes made outside of the IDE (e.g. new file was created or altered in another editor).


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