uml datasource database foreign key relations missing

before to open a bug ticket I prefer to write here first, to see if someone had the some trouble.
In a schema it is possibile to see the relation between tables, in anohter one not.

If I use Mysql Workbench ER I can see the right connection in both schemas, I checked also the SQL create statement.

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The schema shows the uml relations had "oracle" as sql dialect settings. I corrected it as "mysql" and the uml relations disappeared also on that schema.

if I copy the ddl, it is like it ignores the FK statement:

create table sf_namespace.sf_object_has_tag (
  sf_object_has_tag_id bigint not null,
  sfobject_id bigint unsigned not null,
  sf_tag_id bigint not null,
  primary key (sf_object_has_tag_id)

the behaviour seems strange, i don't know why it showed the correct relations.

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ok the problem has been fixed in the EAP version I've just downloaded and tried. All works fine now.
Hope the official patch soon.

Anyway it seems some trouble with PhpDoc with this EAP. It does not know  now "bool" or "false".

Bye :)


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