autocompletion: Insert namespace in "use" instead of full class name

how can i use autocompletion to do this:

for example i have class: \a\b\Class.

$a = new Cla<press TAB>
$a = new \a\b\Class();

but i wont this after TAB pressed (like in zend studio):
use a\b;
$a = new Class();

how can i do this?

p.s. sorry for english

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Hi Vasiliy,

Which version of PhpStorm do you have *exactly*? Accordingly to this ticket ( ) it has been partially fixed in latest EAP build PS-107.224( you can grab it from here: ).

Full resolution of the above mentioned ticket is planned for v3.

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Hi Andriy,

thanks for the info! I just started with PhpStorm 3.0 and I'm still missing this feature. What can I do to auto-use namespaces?

Kind regards


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