Using Debugger on a Route

Hi, I'm developing a javascript app, but the javascript is on pages served through an MVC style app, like Ruby on Rails, therefore, there is no html file I can point the debugger to.  So, what I'm wondering is, is there a way to use the debugger on a route, instead of on an HTML file?  If not, how can I use the debugger in an MVC application?  For example, in my app, instead of a users.html file, the path to the javascript would actually look like this:  http://localhost/users
notice, there is no file in the URL, just a route.  Hopefully, this makes sense.



By the way, I'm talking about debugging javascript with WebStorm, not PHP with PHPStorm...


you can create JavaScript Debug -> Remote configuration in Run Configurations dialog, specify the startup url and press Debug. WebStorm will open the specified page in the browser, and you can use 'Scripts' tab in Debug tool window to inspect loaded scripts, set breakpoints and so on.


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