Javascript Structure Missing in .php file

I am using your demo version 111.19.  When I load a .php file I can see the structure for the php file and the HTML in the file, but the javascript structure is missing.  This is very important for me to use.  If I have a .js file the structure shows up correctly.  Am I doing something wrong?

Here is an example:
   $blah = 1;//filename is blah.php
    <script type='text/javascript'>

        Array.prototype.sum = function () {
            "use strict";
            var i, sum;
            for(i = 0,sum = 0;i<this.length;sum+=this[i++]);
            return sum;
        function changeSize(me){

            if(parseInt( > 50) = 50;

            else = 120;

    <body >


Hi alex,

I may be wrong here .. but have you looked under HTML View tab of the Structure panel --  expand filename.php -> head -> script tag ??



Thanks, i should have looked more carefully.

My next issue is that when I view the structure with 'docked mode' unchecked.
In 'docked mode' the structure in HTML view for javascript auto-scrolls from my cursor correctly. However, with 'docked mode' unchecked it does not autoscroll when I open the structure tab.  It's kind of annoying to keep navigating to the correct element of where I am in the code.  I also like keeping the tabs undocked so there is less clutter on the workspace.  I have both the autoscroll to source and autoscroll from source checked. Is there a setting I need to change?

I checked here before asking my new question:


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