set an inspection level for a single file?

Is there a way to set the HTML inspection profile to 'SYNTAX' for just a single file?

Im working on an smarty XML file which the inspector thinks is an HTML file, so highlights a bunch of tags as "Unknown Html tag"

The extension of the file is .tpl  because its a smarty file.  if i change it to .xml i loose the smarty highlighting.

so what i want is to be able to set turn off the html inspection for just this file rather than the whole project.


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Try this: assing XML as Template data language for that file at Settings | Template Data Languages -- this seems to work for me (simple test).

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I didnt realize this post actually got posted.  I submitted, screen went white and never finished loading.  after that i couldn't see these forums for a while so went away.

I found out something I didnt realize before.... That little inspector guy icon in the bottom right is the inspection for just the file that is current.

I thought it was the inspection for the entire file type, but its not.  Which is excellent for this situation.

For the current file i just change the HTML inspection from 'inspection' to 'syntax' and my issue is solved.

Works how i would hope it would work but not how i expected it to.  Great job jetbrains!  Thanks for the help Andriy. :)


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