Configuring PhpStorm to show documentation tooltips for ExtJS 4

Neither “Quick Documentation” nor “External Documentation” seem to work properly.


  • JavaScript Libaries
    • Name: ExtJS 4
      Framework type: ExtJS 4
      Version: 4 (how is it used?)
      • Name: ext-all-debug-w-comments
        Type: Debug
      • Name: ext-all
        Type: Release
      Documentation URLs:
  • JavaScript Libaries > Usage Scope
    • Project: AJAX, DHTML, ..., ExtJS 4

Problem: If I put cursor into “E|xt.create” and click “Quick Documentation”, i get 3 items: ext-all, and 2 times ext-all-debug-w-comments (why?). Whichever item I click, I get “No documentation found” and enabled button to external documentation. “External Documentation” isn't even enabled in the menu. However, if I first press “Quick Doc” keyboard shortcut, then choose any item, then press “External Doc” keyboard shortcut, PhpStorm opens documentation page in the browser.

If I put cursor into “Ext.c|reate”, the results are almost the same, except that only two items are listed at first (release and debug version).

In both these cases, if I click “Navigate > Declaration”, PhpStorm properly navigates to the declarations (with PhpDoc comments), and highlights all methods and properties in the source, so it does see them. “Parameter Info” doesn't work at all, though the menu item is enabled. Code completion for “Ext.|” is displayed, but “create” method is not there.

What I need: I'd like to at least have external documentaion for ExtJS working. However, it's not perfect as documentation for ExtJS uses it's own “tabs” and I get the same “tabs” open in multiple tabs of my browser. Ideally, I'd like to see quick docs from PhpDoc of the debug version of the library, and params info.

System info: PhpStorm 3 (upgraded from PhpStorm 2.1, didn't work there either), Windows XP SP3, Opera 11.60, ExtJS 4.0.7.

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