Using an existing Visual Studio TFS workspace?

I have multiple projects in Visual Studio and would like WebStorm 3.0 to access the same local working folders so that WebStorm and Visual Studio can be used interchangably. When I add my TFS server to the 'Manage TFS Servers and Workspaces' dialog, it doesn't appear to find any existing workspaces and if I try to create a new workspace mapped to my existing folders, it says those folders are already in use by another workspace.

Is there a way to find and use that existing workspace? Or will WebStorm and Visual Studio need to use different local working folders?

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Hi Mike,

WebStorm should actually show you Visual Studio workspaces. Do you use exactly the same credentials in VS and WebStorm?


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Hi Kirill,

Turns out it was a credential issue. While my user credentials had permission to access TFS, the workspace was owned by the administrator account by default. When I went in and changed the owner to match my user account, it appeared in WebStorm.



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