Freezing up on cut and paste, Mac OS


Since I update to phpstorm 3.0, on my Mac OS 10.6.8, phpstorm will regulary freeze during a cut and paste, forcing to 'force quit' the application which is not responding.

Very anoying as it happen at least once an hour.

Any suggestion or sugestion on how to provide more information?




i also have seen that in one of the EAP-Versions of 3.0 - but in the final, i haven't had this problem...

In the EAP this happened, when i switched and copy/pasted between phpStorm and another application (mostly Chrome) very fast.

I know, that's not a developer-type description of the problem :-) but maybe a hint...



I am having the same problem, PhpStorm 3.0 (downloaded yesterday) on OS X 10.6.6, on a MBP Core2Duo.

Freezes when I double-click a PHP variable name.  I've given it as long as 30 minutes to come back, but it always needs to be killed.

Doesn't appear related to indexing, as there are no statuses or popups indicating heavy background activity.

This one is a show-stopper -- I've gone back to PhpStorm 2.1.4.  Hope you guys can hotfix this one soon to get us back on 3.0!



Yes, I was the only one of the company to move to 3.0, but will move back to 2.x if that isn't fixed soon...


Good news, thanks Jean!


This issue has not been fixed, at least not on OSX Lion.

While WI-9022 may been closed, I entered WI-8541 at about the same time. For some reason, this issue was reassigned to IDEA-77434 by Alexey Gopachenko. Aside from a couple questions from JetBrains and updates from me, nothing's been done.

The lockup is still quite reproducible on my end.


Nevermind, I just checked the fix date for WI-9022. Hopefully this will fix the issue on Lion, too.


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