Single project mode?

After upgrading to PhpStorm 3 I can not find how to set it to use only one project at a time anymore?

Also, the setting for how many Projects to keep in history is gone, I had it set to 27, and now it is back to 10?

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Hi Gord,

1) File | Settings | General -> Confirm window to open project in

2) Don't know -- I, personally, don't remeber such setting at all. But I simply don't have that many projects .. so most likely will not notice the difference between 9 (currently) and 12 (max number of folders/projects that have opened with PhpStorm till now)

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The setting was in the popup when changing projects, so I can tell it to always use the same window and never ask again.

I currently have around 20 different projects that I work on, the list used to be a lot longer before. If you can think of what limits the list I would appreciate it.

It used to be numbered from 1-9 and then in the alphabet.


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