Special Characters like �

If  you go to edit pad plus and paste this character � it would show up no problem.  Is there a way for Php Storm to do this when editing HTML.


Hi Kevin,

Could you please illustrate the problem you are having somehow -- a screencast or screenshots would be good.

I have tried to copy-and-paste that character into HTML codument .. and had no issues. Possibly it's a font or document encoding issue.

Please also state your PhpStorm version as well as OS.


When I open the file in notepad the characters are rendered properly but in phpStorm they are not.  Here is a screen shot everything is in UTF-8 encodingcharacters.jpg

This is how it should be displayed

alert("bientôt en format électronique. Si le nombre d'exemplaires indiqué ci-après");


Hi Kevin,

Copy-paste worked fine for me (from Firefox into PhpStorm .html file). Possibly it's a Font or Encoding issue.

Please provide:

  • What font you are using (I'm using Consolas)
  • Encoding -- screenshot of "File | Settings | File Encodings"
  • OS and JDK used (I'm on Windows 7 x64 SP1, 1.6.0_29)

If "File | Settings | File Encodings | IDE Encoding" is not UTF-8 (or any other UTF), then try setting it to UTF-8. Restart of PhpStorm may be required to see the changes.


Thanks for the help.  I am using the following

java version "1.6.0_26"
Microsoft Windows 7  [Version 6.1.7601]
Font Courier



TBH -- no idea (based on the information so far) -- maybe OS code page / currently active language ...?

Somehow it reminds me of this ticket: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-66298?projectKey=IDEA

I recommend submitting a ticket to the Issue Tracker -- it may get forwarded to the right person who knows more on this subject: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI


BTW -- the subject of this thread -- what is the last character (Special Characters like ???) ?

I see the same character as in your screenshot -- question mark diamond-shape back background. For me this tells that character was not properly decoded/encoded when pasted to/copied from PhpStorm. But since I have not really met such issues with PhpStorm before I could be wrong...


Here is a copy of the file I am opening in PHP Storm that has the quesiton mark characters.  Open it in notepad first and the characters render perfectly


Notepad opened file just fine while Notepad++ -- not -- it shows invalid characters on exactly the same places.

Notepad++ treat that file as "ANSI as UTF-8" (in other words: UTF-8 without BOM signature).

But if I change encoding to plain ANSI -- it displays properly. This means -- this file is NOT UTF-8 but just plain ANSI. You should convert it into UTF-8 .. or treat it as ANSI in PhpStorm -- you can set custom encoding on per-file basis: via File| Settings | File Encodings (for any file) .. or right click on status bar (section after cursor position) in PhpStorm for current file.


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