phing: executed in phpstorm has another environment


we try to run local shell and also ruby commands with phing.
From the console, the phing script execution works without problems.

Within phpstorm, shell commands are not found, which require e.g. ruby rvm or other paths set in .bash_profile.
for example: sh: cucumber: command not found

how can this be set so in phpstorm phing can be used the same like on the console?

Thank you very much for a hint!



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Ensure that all necessary variable initialization occures always, not just when you start terminal. In ubuntu a good place for per-user variables is ~/.pam_environment, and for system-wide is /etc/environment. .bash_profile is used by bash, and won't influence a graphical session by default. (see manual). For your distributive please check manuals about configuration files usage.  

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