PHPSTORM and large files

When I opened a file, which contains more then 50 000 lines, all operations become too slow: typing, autocompletion etc.
What kind of PC should be in order to work properly with large files?


PHPStorm is unusable when you need to work with arrays.


I have an associate array of roughy 30k items, PHPstorm can't handle it so I need to use NOTEPAD... to do the job.


So? If PHPStorm not designed to handle large files, then don't worry. Just say it, and I will continue to tormented.


PhpStorm is optimized for editing PHP files. I figure (and hope for parsing speed's sake) you are not talking about a PHP file of 50k lines but a different filetype?
If so, you can try to right click the file and then select "Mark as Plain Text" to disable code completion/indexing of that specific file. This should speed up the editor greatly.


Actually, i'm editing php file. Inside - just an associative array, but more than 50 000 lines. Right now I tried to open it, and IDE freeze...


Here is screenshot of Task manager. On background - freezed window of PHPStorm, trying to open file.


Hi Viktor,

I recommend submitting a new ticket to the Issue Tracker:

Please include as much details as possible (please provide that problematic file as well -- you can limit the visibility of attachments if necessary, so only devs will see it).



Could you please share a code sample file here or submit a YouTrack report with it?


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