VCS error after upgrade to 3.0

I thought I saw someone post about this already but I just spent 15 minutes searching for it and I can't find that post again, so I apologize if this is a dup.

After upgrading to phpstorm 3.0, I can no longer work with any part of Subversioning.  I can't "Browse Subversion Repository", "Update Project" or "Commit Changes".

When I try to browse, I get the error "svn: Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac"
When I try to update project, I get the error"Error:svn: Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac svn: OPTIONS request failed on '/htdocs/trunk/it'

However, if I go back into phpstorm 2.1.5 (after it re-indexes) it has no issues with browsing, updating or committing.  Assuming that the fix is being worked on, do you think there's an issue with me jumping between the two versions (working in 3.0, but doing the VCS in 2.1.5)?  or should I just stay with 2.1.5?



Please look here IDEA-77360 SVN doesn't work in build 110.492 (impossible to connect to some servers using SSL )
(my last comment on the status)


Thanks Irina.  Thanks for the update/link, but I'm too much of a newb at this to be able to interpret what you're asking me to do.  I tried but failed miserably.  I'm new to Phpstorm too so I'll keep learning my way round it and then use 3.0 when the release of RC2 (?) is done.

Thanks again,


Hi Jay,

PhpStorm 3.0.1 build with SVN fixes will be available soon, please watch our blog or twitter.



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