Import Into Version Control - Newbie Pains

I'm suffering the newbie learning curve with phpStorm and GitHub and I am looking for something that will give me a walk through.

I started a project with files on my local drive. I have not been successful in pushing up the project to GitHub.

I know that I am connected properly to GitHub but everytime I try to make a commit I get a message saying that nothing has changed in the file.

I just want to get all the files up to GitHub in the first place.

Everything that I have seen or read starts with pulling files from GitHub and not starting on your localmachine and pushing the files up.

Who can point me to something that will go step by step to show me the proper workflow and where things are in the phpStorm interface to do them?

I'm using Mac Lion OS and phpStorm 3.0


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Yahoo, I figured it out (I think). As I type this my files are being added to Git. Hopefully this means they are also being uploaded to GitHub.

Looks like I started out the project incorrectly. I needed to select the first option to start project from my hard drive here the web server is on my hard drive.

When I selected "Import Into Version Control - Share files on GitHub" and then hit 'Share' (I also selected 'private') the process of adding the files to Git started which is not what I experienced before.


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