Will PhpStorm 2.1.5 Still Work if I Install 3.0?

PhpStorm 3.0 looks terrific - can't wait to try it out.

Will PhpStorm 2.1.5 continue working fine even with PhpStorm 3.0 installed on the same PC?

I'm in the middle of a project and would like to make sure that if I run into any issues with 3.0, I can safely revert back to 2.1.5 without any issues.


I just installed 3.0 and it will work alongside 2.1.5.  However, it seems that it will rebuild the project index each time you open a project in a different version than it was previously opened in.  I hope this helps.


You need to back up both IDE and project settings to ensure that you can continue work in 2.1.5 after running 3.0.


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