Remote Debugging with PHPStorm 2.1.2


I've been having trouble developing on Windows for deployment onto Linux, so thought I should grasp the nettle and get to grips with remote debugging.

I had been using xampp on WinXP but deploying onto an Ubuntu with apache2, php5.3

The first point is that the video is way out of date - any chance of a new one?

But I thought I'd muddle along and guess!

The first problem I came up against was that pressing the debug button seems to bring up "http:///"
This is despite the debug configuration having "URL to open" as ""

So before I waste too much time chasing down blind alleys, I thought I should ask if there's a tutorial somewhere I can follow?


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OK, I have actually found a solution, but a video would have made life a lot easier!
I mistakenly thought that "PHP Remote Debug" was what I wanted, whereas it's actually just a plain old "PHP Web Application"

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Found the answer myself


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