[Linux] having a shortcut to launch a specific project

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to have a shortcut that launches PHPStorm on a specific project, the same way i used to do it with Eclipse by specifying a "-data" parameter.

I've been looking through the "PhpStorm.sh" and I don't find any line referring to that.

Is it possible ?!

Thanks for any thoughts given on this matter.


Not sure how fat back this tool goes, but I know in the latest EAP's and 3.0 release you can create a command line launcher.
Menubar > Tools > Create Command Line Launcher
This will put a command in your bin to open phpStrom from command line.

Then the commad like for me is
$ pstorm project_path

Now on your desktop or where ever you can create a launcher, Ubuntu has this built into the right context menu, not sure about others.
Or just make your own exicutable shell script with the command and path in it.


Thanks !

That's exactly what I was looking for !


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