No editing on FTP

IIRC, this was supposed to be added in version 3.x?
All other editors have this functionality - browse an FTP/SFTP/SCP server, double click the file, it loads and edits, and re-uploads on every save.

Not sure why this isn't built in? phpDesigner, vs.php, nusphere, netbeans, dreamweaver and zend all support this functionality. Having a project folder with multiple developers and sometimes hundreds of thousands of files leaves it impractical to download and sync these files. JetBrains looks great, and I'm evaluating editors for my organization - this caveat leaves it out of the running. Looking through previous posts, not sure why the JetBrains developers almost refuse to implement this? - the idea of editing locally and deploying is nice, but is hardly the practice among all organizations

There is a feature request ticket here:

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