How to get rounded corners in ui back?

Hi guys. I installed 110.518 build and got ugly sharp corners everywhere in ui :(  It is just looks bad and all. Can I get rounded corners back somehow?


No way to get it back, however new UI is still work in progress.


I feel your pain -- same here :(

Hopefully next build with better UI will be soon.

I see "Open project in" confirmation dialog was reverted back (normal buttons instead of radio buttons) -- good, as I like it more than new one.


i rather liked the "clean" look of the new UI.. the dark grey was a bit bleh.. but seemed everything lined up for once. lol.. stuck on the old UI now :/ feels inferiour


didnt notice the tabs had changed, rounded corners, square corners, either is fine.

I did notice the "Open project in" confirmation dialog was reverted back "  I too like the radio button style from the previous EAP.


Yep, the new clean look is an improvment, in my opinion - please have an option for it, if you do decide to go back.


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