Commit and push with keyboard - UI changed?

Just had a look at phpstorm 110.518

Went to commit a file in mercurial and noticed the new drop down "commit" button. Cool :)

The only problem with this is there is no easy way to commit and push using the keyboard any more.

Ctrl+K Alt+P useto let me review a commit then push it very easily.

Cannot see a way to do this with the keyboard now - have to use mouse?

Any ideas for a keyboard only commit+push method as quick as before?


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In this build you can use Alt-Shift-Enter to show popup and then select with arrows and enter.

This is work in progress and we'll at least bting the mnemonics back to work.

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yay mnemonics! lol

love the work guys - I tell every dev I meet to buy a phpstorm license :)


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