Create new project from existing files/remote host, but don't download media files?


I'm trying to create a new project as the title suggests, but I have several GB of media files on my server. There should be no need for PhpStorm to download them all. Is there some way we can skip that?

If necessary, I already have a copy of them locally, but I don't know how to inform PhpStorm it doesn't need to download them.


Hi!  Exclude folders with media using "Excluded from Download" button on "Create New Project: Choose Remote Path" step. Those foldes will be out of upload and download. You may add them later through server settings.


Hi Elena, thanks for your help, but I don't see any "Excluded from Download" button on that step. The only buttons I see are the Previous, Next, Finish, Cancel and Help buttons along the bottom. Right-clicking the folders doesn't yield any such option either. I'm running PhpStorm 2.1.5.

I found another way to do it though. I can just use "Open Directory" instead and then manually set up the automatic upload, which is what I wanted.



That functionality was added in 3.0 EAPs. For earlier versions your way is the best one.


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