Updating doc blocks?

I routinely add parameters to my function calls, and I was wondering if there's a simple way to use PHPStorm to update them?  I can, of course, recreate the entire block, but that's time consuming and I then need to copy over my function description.  Is there a simple way to say 'add this parameter to the doc block'?

PHPStorm EAP 359 - OSX 10.7


ALT-ENTER is better, but it would help if the mark was on the variable, not the comment...that makes me backtrack.


I wouldn't call it 'simple', as I'd like the option from a keyboard shortcut, but if you hover over the current PHPDoc area, you get the red light bulb and can choose Update PHPDoc Comment:



How interesting.  I don't have that light bulb in the latest EAP.


I'm on 110.359.

Do you get the grey underlining?

If not, it's because your Inspection for PHPDocs is turned off (and must be there for this to work.)


I do.  Note the light bulb does appear for the apparent misspelling of my parameter (which I changed to test this):

Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 10.25.22 AM.png

Mac, Windows or Linux?


No need to wait for bulb. Just press Alt-Enter within the any inspection highlight (gray weaving in this case) to pop it up.

Also, Code|Inspect Code & Code|Run inpection by name (type PHPDOC into search box) provide a way to do this on entire project
(but its a bit broken now, see  http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-8435)


Nice, thanks!  Much better than doing it by hand.


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