any way to print the 'key map' (Default for KDE)?

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0beta
build PS-98.191

On this page there is the "keyboard reference (Windows/Linux)"

But a lot of the keys are wrong for KDE linux.  Or they have conflicts.  Like the reformat code on the page which is CTRL+ALT+L on the keyboard reference.  Today i discovered that under SETTINGS-> KEYMAP -> KEYMAPS (dropdown menu)  there is actually a 'Default for KDE' keymap already in the system.

It solves the conflict of CTRL+ALT+L conflicting with the "Lock session" of KDE by using the keys "SHIFT+ALT+L" which is great.

What im wondering is there any way to print this keymap out like the "Keyboard reference" PDF?

It would be nice to know all the keys available for KDE.


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Well, the PDF references were disgned manually so you can't get the same automatically for other keymaps (and we can't spent any resources on alternate keymaps)

Probably this can be built-in at some point, so you may send a feature request, but It will be put in a long-term pool.

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I put the suggestion into the system

The design of the pdf's even though done manually would be perfect if they could be hooked up to be output from the configuration files.

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I second this on the Mac.  I printed out the keymap and sat in frustration trying to figure out why some of the shortcuts didn't work.  As it turns out, some of the information in the PHPStorm documentation (the printable keymap) is just flat out wrong.  This is really frustrating - and please don't say you can't devote resources to documenting your own work.  It is unprofessional to say the least, and creates an incredibly frustrating user experience.


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