Add FTP support to a project

I am sure this is a basic thing that I just couldn't find in searching the documents, but I am brand new to PHPStorm (2.1.5 on Win7x64) and I have created a project, which I have open in the IDE, but I can't figure out how to set the remote host for it. I have the remote host settings entered. Any tip or suggestion would be greatly appreciated, or even a point to the right docs for it. Thanks.

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Hi William,

Default workflow is to start your project from files on remote host: check out 'Create project from existing files' action in Main menu -> File or Welcome screen. For details please watch this screencast (a little bit outated, but sitll valid).

If you have already created the project, please open File -> Settings -> Deployment page, there set up your server and deployment mappings (see Mappings tab). With mappings you specify which local folders should be deployed and where. Once finished, use Deployment -> Upload / Download actions accessible in Project view, Editor and Remote Host view (via context menu or hotkeys if specified).

Please get back here if you have any other questions.


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Thanks for the information. I skimmed over the settings and missed the deployment section. I get that this isn't necessarily the default workflow, but from time to time I'll start working on a project, getting resources and maybe some initial code together while I'm waiting on the hosting to be set up, and wanted to be sure I could modify the hosting settings after the fact.


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