Declare class property with phpdoc


I have some classes where I use "magic" method __get to perform hot plugs on properties.
The pain here is that when I use those properties, ie $myObject->hotPluggedStuff, they are detected by phpstorm as wrong properties.

I tried to use phpdoc to "declare" them, like that :

class ToolBox {

    /** @var $twig Twig_Environment */

But it doesn't seem to work.

Is there any way to avoid those false warning ?

Thanks guys.

Nice, I didn't know this tag.
But unfortunately, phpstorm doesn't seem to know it either...
Warning still there.


PhpStorm definitely does know about it.
Are you sure you are using annotation properly? Its a class-level annotation...


You're right, I misplaced it...

Problem solved, thanks Dmitriy & Alexey !


I know this is an old thread, but PHPstorm isn't auto completing @properties that I define.


Can you post an example that worked ?


Sure, here is one.

Remember, it's a class level tag, so it should be placed *before* class declaration.

* @property $listeErreurs array
* @property $competenceList array
class opd

Thanks, I tried that but they aren't getting picked up by auto complete


Strange, I just tried and it works perfectly.

Your variable needs to be explicitly from that class too, something like :

/** @var opd $opd */

This way I've got auto completion on my properties.



There is another weird thing.

When I paste PHPDoc from somewhere, it works. But when I type the same PHPDoc by hand, it won't.


@property definition on class level ($status_id typed by hand, $listeErreurs copied from this post, $test1 copied from $listeErruers, $test2 typed by hand):

Auto complete shows only $listeErruers and $test1, both copied:


Did you try to run File > Invalidate Caches\Restart > Invalidate and Restart? Is it the same after that action?


Tried "Invalidate and Restart", it is the same.


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