Debugger Issue When Using .htaccess Mod-Rewrite

I just filed a bug report under

There seems to be an issue with using mod-rewrite and htacess when using Xdebug with phpStorm. The application never makes a connection with Xdebug and states that it is waiting for a connection with a numbered ide-key.

Not using mod-rewrite is working as expected when debugging.

Just wanted to post that here in case someone else has run into this scenario and potentially found a solution for it.



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Interesting stuff.

I'm on Windows (XP and 7) and have been using mod_rewrite (and it's IIS 7 equivalent -- URL Rewrite module) all the time (under Apache and IIS 7 webserver, since PhpStorm v1) and had no such issues with debugging -- it's either working or not. Maybe it's a Xdebugger/PhpStorm bug that appears only on Mac ?? or Xdebugger/PhpStorm misconfiguration (path mappings or something) ??

1) Try upgrading Xdebugger to the latest stable version (in case you are not using it already);

2) Please provide PhpStorm debug log -
Xdebug log would be useful also -

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Hello Jurgen,

Most likely it is a Xdebug issue. Please provide logs (IDE and Xdebug).

Also I would like to note that there are no reasons to write to issue tracker and community forum simultaneously because we are watching on both resources.

Thank you for feedback!
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Thank you for assistance!


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