scroll from source is not permanent in project view.

recently i started work on project where there are many files have same name but in different folders. sometime it get confusing to know on which file i am working(believe me).
i started using scroll from source from project window but realise that it is not permanent.i am using autoscrol to and from source in structure view and they are remain in locked position. isn't it suppose to be same with scroll from source in projetc view?

was it like this all the time?
stil i expect it remain active unless i disable it.


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It has been 5 days since I posted this issue but didn't get any reply. so bumping it in hope of getting reply.

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I've never actually had the need for this function, but as far as I can tell from trying it, it's just a one-time button that scrolls to the page that's open in the editor and highlights it. The button doesn't seem to be a "toggle" to keep the behaviour on all the time (if it were I'd expect the button to show some sort of border/background color to indicate it's on). So I guess you need to press the button whenever you need to know which exact file you're editing.

Alternatively, the path of the file you're editing is also in the title bar and is also shown as a tooltip when you hold your mousepointer over the active editor tab.

So, there are ways to find out what exact file you're in, but I don't think the Scroll from source button is meant to show the behaviour you're describing. Though, you might try and request it as a new feature in the bugtracker.

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I used this feature in NetBeans and Eclipse so I was expecting same thing.
Also in structure view "Autoscroll to source" and "Autoscroll from source" is working the same way as it should. it remains in same state which i want it to.
I have created an issue regarding this.

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Hello autofocus,

Sorry for delay.

Could you please provide a link to the issue?
I can confirm that it is an issue in the PhpStorm 2.1.5, but I can't reproduce it on the latest EAP version -

Thank you for feedback!


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