Phpunit remote setup

Here is my present configuration

Development machine (running Phpstorm) is Win7
Sites hosted on debian virtual machine

No php stuff installation on development machine; I can successfully debug sites hosted on virtual machine.
The next step I'd like to get working is running phpunit without installing anything on development PC.

Is this configuration possible?
If so, how should I configure it to get it work? is it possible to have a step by step guide for this configuration, if it's supported?


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Yes, it's definitely possible.

1) Run | Edit Configurations

2) Create new one of PHPUnit on Server type and fill the required fields accordingly.

Last time I have used it was over an year ago -- worked fine (server was Win Server 2008 and the paths were the same on both local pc and test server -- I'm just mentioning this as there were some issues in the past if path on local pc and remote differs -- but it was fixed since then AFAIK)

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Thanks, I'll try your suggestions.


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