remote hosts panel. Show only mapped servers?

PhpStorm PS 110-122

On the right hand side of the IDE there is the "Remote Host" panel.

Under TOOLS ->DEPLOYMENT ->CONFIGURATION is a list of all my hosts for every project.

On my current project i have 4 servers mapped to the local set of files.

Is it possible to only have the remote hosts panel show the servers which actually have mappings to the current project?  Because without a mapping im unable to download from them anyhow.  No sense in seeing them.

Might be a feature request, but the option might already exist?  does it?  How can i make this happen.

I want to only see servers in the server list that i am actually able to upload / download / compare files with.


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Currently there is no such option. It is not enabled by default, because it might be useful to configure some servers for default project, and then in real projects configure only mapping. Also it's useful to have opportunity to save partly configured server to configure it later. But filtering button in Tools | Deployment | Configuration might be really useful, so, please create a feature request.

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Thanks Elena,

I have created a feature request here:


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