SVN client 1.7 in PhPStorm?

I've been using PhpStorm with Subversion (via Tortoise SVN 1.6 which includes the SVN 1.6.x client) for a while now and everything was fine.  With the release of Tortoise SVN 1.7 they upgraded to SVN client 1.7.  If I upgrade an existing working copy directory then PhpStorm doesn't recognize it as an SVN-versioned directory since the working copy metadata has changed.

Is PhpStorm only compatible with SVN 1.6 client or is there something I can do to make it work with the SVN 1.7 client?

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Thank you, Serge.  I can stop tinkering with the config now.  I'll just go back to Tortoise 1.6 and wait for
SVN1.7 to be supported in PhpStorm before upgrading Tortoise.


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