Automatic Code completion in comments with PHPDoc Tags (@param and @return)


I'm missing code completion with respect to phpdoc tags like @return and @param.
I guess code completion within comments in general is undesirable but in this particular case it's quite handy.
I'm using Zend Framework a lot and class names become a bit long ...

p.s. I guess there are more phpdoc properties (@var, @property, @link, @uses ...) which could use this auto completion feature, these two are the most used I guess ...

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Exists since 1.0.
Just invoke it manually. Usually Ctrl+Space (Code|Complete Code|Basic)

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And what's wrong with automatic code completion within a context like this?
(lol, I hesitated to put the word "automatic" in the title, thought it was kind of evident ^_^)

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as you've said yourself - "undesirable" in comments.

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I quote ... "in this particular case it's quite handy"

The undesirable bit was actually referring to another comment which said that generic auto completion (within comments) was annoying and I can agree with that.
However there are certain cases in which completion in comments is very much desirable and a joy to have triggered automatically (like after typing those PHPDoc tags!!!!)

And maybe even within specifying parameters in a method definition ...
public function foo (Zend_ ... autocomplete)

But I'm getting a feeling you just want to close this "issue", which is fine by me, I'll stick with the manual exercise then ^_^
Was just missing an enjoyable feature from Zend Studio.


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