Became really slow a few days ago on Kubuntu


I've been using PhpStorm for about 8 months now, and I really enjoy it every day.
I'm on Kubuntu, I must say it was a bit slow but since natty, I can't say why, it became lightning-fast and it was great.
But a few days ago, maybe 2 weeks, PhpStorm became awfully slow, barely unusable. I'm still launching it from sun jvm (not open-jdk), and load average of my machine is like 0.03. I've tried everything, I can't speed it up. It's mostly when the editor scrolls (page-up/down), it seems that it swaps the whole project and takes about 5 seconds to perform the scroll (whereas I have 8GB RAM to mount the whole project and avoid swap).

As far as I can say, there are no disk access, no heavy process... Just really slow.

Have you ever experienced such problem ? Any idea about it ?

Thanks, I *don't want* to go back to vim.

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Please always start with your IDE build.


Are all files on the local HDD?
Source control used? Try temporarily disabling integration.
Try File | Invalidate caches

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Hey Alexey

I'm on 2.1.5 (PhpStorm-107.581), the last release I guess.

I followed each step on the link you provided, with no success. And yes, everything is on local hard drives.

But with your last advice, invalidating the cache, I had a slight improvement. It's still not as fast as it used to be, but it's better.


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Well, If you follow instruction entirelly expect to have an issue with proper CPU profiling snapshots for further investigation. Otherwise we can't help.

One more advice: try 3.0 EAP (back up your settings first).
Also disabling 3rd party plugins (if any) may help.

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today, after a system reboot (of course I tried that many times before), PhpStorm became perfectly fast again. I'm guessing it's a system or hardware issue.

Anyway, thank you for your time.


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