PHP introduce and change namespace refactoring options


Lets say I have a class in the global namespace and wished to move it to a file in a local one. Or if I had it in one namespace, e.g. \a\b\c and wanted to move it to another, e.g. \a\e\g\f.

Is it possible right now to change all the usages of this class to reflect the new namspace situation? So far I've only been able to rename one of the namespace parts, like f in the example above.

It would also be nice to somehow link the namespace structure with the folder structure to match the PHP autoload functionality.

Are any of these things possible yet? If not are they in they works?


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This corresponds not to Rename but "Move" refactroing and its not available for PHP yet. Theres no dedicated ticket for class move, only for member move, see Feel free to file a new one.

Autoload support is also not available.


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