deployment to local server

Having trouble deploying to my local test server. (I've read other posts on this forum about this problem, but I still can't figure it out.

I have my project files in:


I want to copy files from the directory above to my local webserver:


How can I set this up?


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Hi!  In Settings | Deployment add new server. Choose Mounted folder type. Then set /users/wallyflint/sites/dropdownmenu in Mounted folder field. Open Mappings tab and set Deployment path \. Now you've configured server and mapped files in project and on server to each other. Open Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host, choose created server and download files.  Hope this helps you.

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Great! Thanks!

In case anyone else has this problem, I want to add the following comments:

First, the menu option wasn't Settings | Deployment like you said. It was Tools | Deployment.

At first I was confused because after setting the local server up the way you said, I went to Tools | Deployment and the Upload and Download options were grayed out. But then I figured out to go to Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host. This opens a window with available remote hosts listed. When I highlighted the local apache server we set up, the Upload and Download options became available. I uploaded and it worked.

Thanks again Elena for your help!

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You can also go to TOOLS->DEPLOYMENT->CONFIGURATION->(the server you want)->MAPPINGS->"Use this server as default"

Then turn on TOOLS->DEPLOYMENT->AUTOMATIC UPLOAD and you can just edit then hit refresh in the browser and in the time it takes you to hit refresh, PhpStorm will have saved it and uploaded it automatically.

Really useful, feels like your editing live to the server without the need to ever save.


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